Classes & Programs

It is important for individuals with known cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, pulmonary disease, or certain identifiable risk factors to receive medical consultation from a qualified healthcare provider before they engage in a moderate to vigorous exercise program

  • Class Schedule for November

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  • Morning Arthritis Land Class
  • Afternoon Arthritis Land Class
  • Essentrics
  • Tots of Fun

    The Tots of Fun program is intended to provide materials and an environment that facilitates exploration while maintaining emotional support from a parent or caretaker.

  • Kids Night Out

    Kids' Nite Out @ the WRAC provides parents with a safe, supervised environment where their children can be active, have fun, make friends, and win prizes

  • Kid Swim

    We invite you to bring your children to the WRAC for swimming lessons in our warm water pool.

  • Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program

    This program was developed specifically for people with arthritis, other related diseases, or related musculoskeletal conditions.

  • My P.H.I.T.

    MY PHIT is a program aimed at providing mentorship and positive role models for middle school aged youth.

  • Kid P.H.I.T.

    A program designed to mentor and teach kids the importance of living a healthy lifestyle while having fun!

  • Senior Wellness Walkers

    Come and socialize while walking with a group, a partner or by yourself on our indoor walking/running track.

  • Beginners Yoga

    Relax those muscles you have been working - including the brain muscle...Come and try Beginners Yoga! A western Yoga without the Eastern Yoga philosophies!

  • H.I.I.T. it Hard a.m.

    High Intensity Interval Training: Kickstart your day! Get your workout in first thing and feel energized throughout the rest of your day. One less thing to fit into your evenings so there is more time to spend with your family!

  • Bells & Bags

    This is a metabolic fat loss and conditioning class that provides a cardio workout using a specific high intensity interval training exercises.

  • Body Works

    This class is a mixture of step aerobics, strengthening and toning. Set in the morning and late afternoon to accommodate a wider range of people.

  • PHIT Camp
  • Stretch for Life

    Stretching is the key to maintaining flexibility. If you would like to improve your range of motion, this is the class for you!